UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy

Dynasafe BACTEC’s expert project teams provide comprehensive risk mitigation strategies that would be implemented at the relevant stages of the project and are developed in conjunction with the client and third party stakeholders. The strategy will cover all aspects of the project where UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) could potentially pose a risk and could include a range of measures; safety briefings, physical survey, investigation and disposal. All UXO risk mitigation strategies are designed to reduce the risk in line with the ALARP, (as low as reasonably practicable) principle.

All UXB / UXO risk mitigation strategies are developed by qualified, experienced researchers, senior EOD engineers and specialists and construction engineers where site visits and on site UXO risk assessments are invaluable.

Dynasafe BACTEC has a very straight forward philosophy

When I requested a detailed risk mitigation strategy from UXO specialists only Dynasafe BACTEC conducted a site visit. It was no surprise that the strategy provided was specific to my project and not the typical table of options provided by other specialists.

A bespoke risk mitigation strategy that enabled a reduction in time and cost required to conduct the necessary mitigation services.