Preliminary Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessment

Dynasafe BACTEC’s Preliminary UXO Risk Assessments are Fast, Accurate and Effective. Accurate - Based on 19 key datasets, each UXO assessment analyses over 100 geospatial databases of UXO threats Fast - Dynasafe BACTEC’s instant preliminary UXO risk assessments saves project research time, creating time to focus on critical project elements. Dynasafe BACTEC’s effective reporting reduces interpretation and evaluation time.

In most cases no further risk assessment or UXO mitigation is required. If a detailed risk assessment is required then the cost of the preliminary assessment is deducted from the cost of the Dynasafe BACTEC detailed assessment.

Dynasafe BACTEC has a very straight forward philosophy

The ability to access an immediate preliminary UXO risk assessment that could be relied upon enabled our project to continue on schedule.

On-line instant access; historical research now in the 21st Century!