Peer Review Risk Assessments

Continual feedback from our clients confirms it is no longer acceptable to receive standard boiler plate UXO risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies which are limited in their depth of research and detail, providing limited value to the project. Dynasafe BACTEC’s research team and EOD engineers and specialists conduct peer reviews to review, correct, corroborate and enhance reports from other specialist UXO companies.

Common outcomes from a peer review are;

  • Missing data
    The assessment of UXO risk may not be based on all available data
  • Elevated Risk
    All the factors that influence the assessment of risk are not taken into account such as source of bomb damage and post war redevelopment
  • Incorrect Risk Zoning
    It is common that the “J Curve Effect” from aerial bombing is not taken into consideration when risk zoning the project site

j-curve effect

  • Incorrect Low Risk Rating
    The most concerning development within the industry is where risk indicators have not been taken accurately into account and UXO have been encountered on sites when a low risk assessment has been provided from a specialist UXO company. 

Dynasafe BACTEC follows clear, established and concise procedures and protocols when conducting detailed UXO risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies. Providing low risk assessments either through gaps in the assessment process or to appease the client does not provide any value to the project and can be dangerous.

Post WWII Redevelopment

Dynasafe BACTEC has a very straight forward philosophy “getting it right first time”