Tunnelling UXO support

Dynasafe BACTEC attended 2017’s New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Awards on UK Tunnelling Day 2017, 7th of December. Dynasafe BACTEC Limited has provided tunnelling UXO support to a significant number of both the UK and also the internationally shortlisted projects.

Support to these projects included UXO risk assessments, intrusive magnetometer surveys, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers and marine UXO surveys.

Tunnelling UXO support is an interesting area. Although most traditional sized tunnels are constructed in the zone below typical bomb penetration depth UXO risk should still be considered on these types of project. The main tunnel alignments may be at considerable depth, however, initial construction and access areas are highly likely to pass through the bomb penetration zone and longer term structures such as access and maintenance shafts, escape tunnels and other facilities will be constructed within this zone. Other tunnels such as micro tunnels, pipe jacked structures, culverts and other relatively shallow constructions will often fall within the bomb penetration zone.

Dynasafe BACTEC can provide initial UXO risk assessments for all types of tunnelling and underground structures projects as well as other sub-surface or surface infrastructure projects. As site investigation and construction phases progress services such as EOD watching brief, intrusive magnetometer surveys can be performed to ensure there is no uxo buried in construction areas and that UXO risk is mitigated and the project progresses safely.

For more information on the winning and shortlisted projects in 2017’s awards please visit NCE Tunnelling awards 2017 

For further information on Dynasafe range of land and marine based uxo risk mitigation services go to www.bactecuxo.com

Tunnelling UXO support

UXO Risk Assessment CPD seminars

UXO risk assessment CPD seminars are an excellent way on gaining an understanding of how unexploded ordnance might impact your construction project. They are also a great way of gaining valuable CPD (continuing professional development) hours as a construction professional on a very interesting subject that remains very relevant to a 21st century construction industry.

The CPD seminars cover a range of factors affecting UXO risk. Starting with background as to how UXO might be present on a construction project then moving on to how to select a competent UXO specialist and commission a UXO risk assessment. The later sections of the presentation cover different types of UXO risk mitigation techniques including at the site investigation and main construction phases. Other stages deal with positive confirmation of items of ordnance and handing over the situation to the Civil Authorities to deal with.

Dynasafe BACTEC’s seminars cover UXO risk on either the land environment or the marine environment and can also be tailored to meet specific requirements of either project teams or company disciplines.  The seminars cover all stages of dealing with UXO and follows the processes defined within CIRIA C681 – the main UK construction industry guidance dealing with UXO.

Please contact Dynasafe BACTEC via info.bactec@dynasfe.com should you wish to understand more about our range of CPD seminars or to arrange a suitable session.

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Dynasafe BACTEC are the UK’s leading and most trusted UXO risk mitigation specialists. Established in 1991 over 6000 projects have been completed successfully to date in the UK and globally.

contact Dynasafe BACTEC for impartial and professional advice to support your next construction project.

uxo risk assessment

Dynasafe BACTEC’s Nikki Maxted joins the CIRIA Board

CIRIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Nikki Maxted, Dynasafe, as a Non-Executive Director.


Nikki is the Director of UK Operations and Finance at Dynasafe Bactec Ltd, a UXO and Land Mine clearance company. Nikki, who has joined the board for three years, has a strong and proven track record within the finance sector having qualified with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants over 25 years ago. Since then she has worked in number of blue chip companies and SME’s across different business sectors, including the Oil & Gas, Construction, Retailing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing/PR.

Nikki Maxted, Dynasafe Bactec Ltd said; “Dynasafe are proud to be members of CIRIA and actively involved in their good practice guidance projects. I am delighted to have been invited to join the CIRIA Board as a non-executive Director and looking forward to making a difference.”

Dirk Vennix, CEO, CIRIA commented; “We are pleased to welcome Nikki to the Board at this exciting time for the company as we continue to work with industry and our Members to champion performance improvement across the construction and built environment sectors. I am sure Nikki’s strong financial background will also prove useful in supporting us in delivering our strategies for growth over the coming years.”

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Bomb Disposal Plaque


A commemorative plaque was unveiled on Wednesday 13 September in Valletta, Malta by Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, in honour of those who served in Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal on the Island in World War 2.  In just two years between 1940 and 1942, a maximum of two officers and 30 men dealt with 7300 unexploded bombs – some ten times the average across all theatres of war.

The plaque and unveiling ceremony were funded entirely through donations and sponsorship from families, Royal Engineers veterans’ organisations and charities, including Dynasafe BACTEC.

Families of the RE Bomb Disposal Sections in World War 2 and other veterans travelled to Malta for the unveiling.  They were joined by former and current bomb disposal officers of Armed Forces of Malta who were also recognised on the plaque for their work since the war.  As well as the Prime Minister of Malta, the unveiling was attended by 90 guests, including the Minister of Culture and the British High Commissioner to the Island.  Informed of the plaque project in her role as Colonel in Chief of the Royal Engineers, Her Majesty the Queen sent her good wishes to all those involved in the project.

Addressing guests at the unveiling ceremony, the Prime Minister spoke of the enormous challenge facing the Bomb Disposal Sections in World War 2, when 17000 tons of bombs were dropped on the Island.  More bombs fell on Malta in the month of April 1942 than in an entire year of the blitz on London.

The location of the plaque in the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta, is one of the most popular attractions in Malta, visited by thousands of tourists and locals every year.  The unveiling was marked by an eight-gun salute which echoed across Grand Harbour from the Saluting Battery located immediately below the plaque site.

Thanking the Malta Government and donors like Dynasafe BACTEC who made the plaque possible, Project Co-ordinator Susan Hudson said: “In 1940, when the first bomb disposal men began their work, their courageous actions were repeatedly recognised as outstanding and many medals were awarded.  But extraordinary actions became the day to day – though each took no less exceptional courage to perform.  So this plaque will, I hope, stand as fitting recognition for all of those extraordinary individual acts of courage, to be acknowledged for generations to come.

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Bomb Disposal

Dynasafe BACTEC support Royal Engineers memorial plaque

Dynasafe BACTEC are extremely proud to be supporting a new memorial plaque being erected in Malta. The plaque, which commemorates the sections actions during WWII and recognises the continued efforts of Explosive Ordnance Disposal professionals today will be installed as part of the 75th anniversary of the Island being awarded the George Cross.

From 1940 to 1942, Malta was subjected to constant heavy bombardment.  The Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Sections, totalling just two officers and 30 men, dealt with over 7,300 items of unexploded ordnance.

To recognise the achievements of this team, and also the continued work of dealing with large numbers of UXO after the war until the late 1970s, a marble plaque is to be installed at Upper Barrakka Gardens: a dramatic viewpoint overlooking Grand Harbour in Valletta, Malta and one of the most heavily bombed locations on the Island. HM The Queen, as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Engineers, has commended to plaque project.

The plaque will be unveiled on 13th September as part of Malta’s events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the presentation of the George Cross to the Island.

Dynasafe BACTEC appreciate the difficulty and danger associated with UXO clearance tasks, so we are delighted that the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Section has been recognised by The Queen for all its vital work.

As a commercial company supporting the UK construction industry Dynasafe BACTEC provides a comprehensive range of UXO risk mitigation services to cover all stages of construction from UXO desk studies and risk assessments through to on site surveys and removal or disposal of ordnance items. For further details on our range of services visit bactecuxo.com

Dynasafe BACTEC are extremely proud to be supporting the development of this memorial plaque, which commemorates the section and recognises the continued efforts of Explosive Ordnance Disposal professionals today. Please visit the web pages in the near future as more updates on this memorial will be posted.

Explosive ordnance disposal

Dynasafe DynaSEALR X Chamber will be displayed at DSEI

UXO disposal will be a key element of Dynasafe’s stand at the DSEI exhibition at London’s ExCEl Centre from the 12th -15th of September 2017. DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sectors.

On Dynasafe’s stand will be Dynasafe BACTEC’s DynaSEALR X chamber. The DynaSEALR X chamber is normally the heart of Dynasafe BACTEC’s BombTruck. BombTruck is the name given to Dynasafe BACTEC’s road legal UXO disposal service. BombTruck is licenced to carry ordnance of up to 7.5kg NEQ (net explosive quantity) on the public highway in the UK. BombTruck has been approved by a range of UK authorities due to it containing the DynaSEALR X chamber. This chamber is designed and manufactured by Dynasafe and is used to store the ordnance during transit ahead of disposal and the chamber contains 100% of a detonation of upto 7.5kg NEQ including all gases created by the detonation in the unlikely event the ordnance detonates during transit.

If during your construction project an item of ordnance is located and following assessment is deemed ‘safe to move’ by a suitably qualified EOD engineer then the ordnance can be transferred to a suitable UXO disposal facility via the BombTruck.

The key advantages of the BombTruck system is the significant time and cost savings the project benefits from compared to traditional routes. On most projects all works on the site may be stopped until the item is removed. Often if the item contains only small amounts of explosives and is deemed stable the emergency services including the Bomb Disposal teams may not prioritise the ordnance find and in extreme case it may be the following days before the item is removed or destroyed on site. A further consideration is that it is considerably safer to remove ordnance from site for disposal at a permanent disposal facility rather than dispose of the item onsite.

For further information on BombTruck, UXO disposal, Containment chambers or any of the range of Dynasafes services please contact philip.norville@dynasafe.com or call Dynasafe BACTEC on 01322 284550.

UXO disposal in a DynaSEALR X chamber

Dynasafe BACTEC Marine are recruiting EOD Divers

EOD Divers required for new projects.

Dynasafe BACTEC Marine are looking for former military EOD qualified divers to work on projects in the Black Sea and Belgium. If you have the relevant qualifications and experience and would like further information about these opportunities please contact Fahren McNeil with your current availability.


Email: Fahren.McNeil@dynasafe.com

Direct Line: 01322 628 170


For more information on the comprehensive range of UXO risk mitigation services that Dynasafe BACTEC Marine can support your project with please contact Chas Reid – Marine Services Director.

01622 284550

EOD Divers

BBC’s Countryfile coming from a disused RAF Base

The BBC’s ever popular Springwatch series is back on BBC 2. This year it is coming from the National Trusts Sherborne Estate in Gloucestershire,  other locations featured include the now disused RAF Windrush. Did the BBC carry out a UXO detailed risk assessment ahead of filming?

BBC Springwatch

Last night as two of the presenters were walking round the former airfield following a drone equipped with thermal imagery equipment looking for hares and leverets, they discovered what they believed to be part of a WWII era bomb casing.

Who knew RAF Windrush whose primary use was as a relief landing ground suffered 3 German bombing raids during the War?

It turns out Dynasafe BACTEC’s research team did.

These raids did not lead to the airfield being directly bombed, however a series of bombs landed reasonably locally to the airfield and other notable wartime incidents include a British pilot taking a German bomber down by ramming it in mid air with his plane.

Dynasafe BACTEC’s research team which creates UXO detailed risk assessment for the UK construction industry had recently undertaken a commercial project in the locality and had studied the site as part of the wider due diligence and risk assessment process for this commercial development.

The presenters thought they might have found part of a German bomb casing – without further investigation Dynasafe BACTEC’s team can’t be sure but we think it is more likely to British in origin and possibly a non-ordnance related item of scrap metal.

It is always worth considering the former military uses your site might have had and commissioning a UXO specialist such as Dynasafe BACTEC to undertake a UXO risk assessment. For more information on both preliminary and detailed UXO risk assessments for your construction project please visit www.bactecuxo.com/risk-assessment/ or contact Philip Norville on 07718 638814.

The Dynasafe team will be keeping our eyes peeled for the next segments coming from Windrush to see if any more items turn up.

UXO detailed risk assessment

UXO Services

Dynasafe BACTEC offer the widest range of UXO Services to mitigate unexploded ordnance risk to the United Kingdom construction industry. Services meet the best practice approach described in CIRIA C681 – Unexploded ordnance for the construction industry.

If you are unsure whether your project may have a UXO risk visit BombRisk Dynasafe BACTEC’s award nominated instant online preliminary risk assessment service.

bomb risk

Dynasafe BACTEC’s UXO services cover all the recognised stages of a construction project including preliminary and detailed risk assessments to support the design stage of a project. Tender support, consulting, QA/QC services all support creating or evaluation of tenders to ensure specific project requirements can be met.

UXO services
Project stages

UXO site safety briefings ( UXO tool box talks), Site Specific Safety Instructions are valuable UXO services to train project personnel, raise UXO awareness and support safe working on sites where UXO risk may be present.

Non Intrusive, Intrusive surveys as well as EOD Engineers watching brief, Search and Clear, Target Investigation are all services that support site investigation works and the construction phase of works. Dynasafe BACTEC have more services to cover other stages of work such as pre-demolition surveys for former military or training properties, Explosive Vapour detection and many other capabilities and services.


Dynasafe BACTEC have been established over 26 years and have completed 6000 projects to date in over 50 countries globally. Whether your construction is in the UK or elsewhere in the world the Dynasafe Group can meet your UXO / BACTEC / ERW requirements. As well as land based projects Dynasafe BACTEC Marine Services offer a full suite of UXO services to support the offshore, near shore, lake and estuarine sectors as well as working within Ports and Harbours nationally and internationally.

For further information on any of the services described or to discuss any bespoke project requirements in confidence please contact Philip Norville 07718 638814 or call Dynasafe BACTEC on 01322 284550.

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WWII Ordnance – Still a risk?

”Is WWII Ordnance really a threat?’ is the question I get asked the most. Alternatively I often get told by many (unqualified) clients that I meet that ‘WWII ordnance is not a threat! It is over 70 years old, didn’t detonate and therefore is not a risk.’ Understand the risk – WWII ordnance is still very much a risk.

Small numbers of WWII ordnance (Airdropped Bombs) are located every year on UK construction projects or found by the public. Much greater numbers of ordnance items such as mortars, grenades, rounds are located each month – most often allied items that were ‘lost’ or deliberately dumped after the war and during subsequent training exercises post war.

Ordnance that did not detonate at intended historically very much remains a risk. In Germany last week 13 suspect items were located on a construction site and the German bomb disposal tams were sent to site. After further investigation a large number were ruled out as ordnance including 2 large items of scrap metal. 3 items were confirmed as British bombs from WWII and had to be made safe.

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WWII bomb found by Dynasafe BACTEC.

The risk from these items was so significant the Bomb Disposal team instigated a major exclusion site around the construction site and evacuated over 50,000 people. What health & Safety or commercial impact would this type of find have to your construction project?

Dynasafe BACTEC are the UK’s leading UXO risk mitigation specialists and can provide desk based risk assessments in accordance with CIRIA C681 to understands the residual UXO associated with your project. Dynasafe BACTEC also provide proactive risk mitigation services to support your site activities including non-intrusive and intrusive UXO surveys, EOD Engineer watching briefs and search and clear operations.  Many more UXO risk mitigation services can be provided by Dynasafe BACTEC including UXO consultancy, QA/QC.

For more information please contact Philip Norville 01322 284550.

WWII Ordnance