Data Interpretation / UXO Target Classification

Robust data interpretation technology,(developed over the past 25 years) together with accurate UXO target classification, experienced in-house geophysicists and comprehensive risk assessments/reviews ensures that any potential UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) will be identified from our intrusive surveys and/or non-intrusive surveys whilst also discounting many other ferrous targets, (that fall outside identified UXO parameters), geology or interference from other sources such as overhead power cables, fence lines, buried foundations etc…

Non-Intrusive Survey Results

The non-intrusive survey results can be interpreted rapidly usually, within 24 hours of each survey day. A unique false-colour plan is produced along with a target list derived from 3D magnetic modelling technology which is processed, interpreted and assessed by our in-house geophysicist team to determine if any targets are possible UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) and passed on to the in-house Specialist Explosive Ordnance DisposalEOD team for further evaluation.

Non-Intrusive Survey. An example of a false colour survey map detailing the possible UXO targets located

An example of a false colour survey map detailing the targets located

Non-Intrusive Survey - Bespoke 3D target modelling and UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) target evaluation software

Bespoke 3D target modelling and target evaluation software

Non-Intrusive Survey Results following UXO target investigation, a German WWII C50A Incendiary Bomb was found.

Following target investigation a German WWII C50A incendiary bomb.

WWII bombs on my project site is not what I expected. Out of over 100 targets identified from the survey only 15 were investigated and two were WWII bombs, impressive!

Intrusive Survey

Deep target investigation following an intrusive survey can be expensive and time consuming. Dynasafe BACTEC’s modelling software ensures that the possibility of detecting false targets is reduced to the minimum amount as possible. Real time clearance can be provided on-site whilst detailed target interrogation and analysis is conducted at Dynasafe BACTEC HQ with results delivered usually within 24 hours.

During the intrusive survey, a progress clearance map is provided to ensure that the construction programme can be completed.

Where an Unexploded Bomb (UXB) may have been detected, the client is then informed immediately in order that further target assessment can be conducted on site by additional UXO surveys, (target triangulation). This allows for additional readings to be taken of the target to allow for very accurate target modelling, to further reduce the possibility of a false alarm.

Intrusive Survey - An example of a UXO clearance map

An example of a clearance maps

Intrusuve Survey - Data traces of a suspected UXB at 4 to 5 metres bgl

Data traces of a suspect UXB
at 4-5 metre bgl

Intrusive Survey - Following UXO investigation, a German WWII 250kg bomb (UXO) was discovered

Following investigation the discovery of a
German WWII 250kg bomb

After over 6000 intrusive surveys only one target was identified for further action. On investigation it happened to be a live German WWII 250kg bomb!