Dynasafe BACTEC is the established market leader in UK UXO risk mitigation
providing a comprehensive range of in-house services.
Since 1991 the company has been involved in more than 5,000 Unexploded Ordnance –
UXO risk mitigation projects across the UK from UXO risk assessments to onsite
UXO surveys, investigation, UXO / UXB – bomb disposal and clearance. This cumulative knowledge
and experience provides our clients with the assurance and security that
the project is in a safe pair of hands.

Safe Reliable Professional

Applying the highest level of occupational Health and Safety standards in the UXO Risk Mitigation Industry

Offering the complete UXO Risk Mitigation solution; utilising in-house EOD Engineers, specialist personnel, plant, equipment and technology

With over 25 years of unrivalled success in delivering the complete range of UXO Risk Mitigation solutions

Dynasafe BACTEC has a very straight forward philosophy

Dynasafe BACTEC, operates world-wide as part of Dynasafe Area Clearance, a business unit of Dynasafe International AB.

Make the world a safer place

Dynasafe protects mankind from threats caused by explosives and hazardous materials. The company is a global market leader in the removal, management and disposal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, explosive (CBRNe) materials both on and off shore.

Through its three business units, Area Clearance, Protection Systems and Demil Systems, Dynasafe is the only global company capable of addressing the entire ordnance disposal value chain.

Dynasafe has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and a strategic network of subsidiaries and sales partners for global reach. The Company has around 400 permanent staff and, at any one time, a large number of additional contracted staff mainly involved in area clearance projects. Dynasafe operates in more than 70 countries with customers in both the public and private sectors.