BBC’s Countryfile coming from a disused RAF Base

The BBC’s ever popular Springwatch series is back on BBC 2. This year it is coming from the National Trusts Sherborne Estate in Gloucestershire,  other locations featured include the now disused RAF Windrush. Did the BBC carry out a UXO detailed risk assessment ahead of filming?

BBC Springwatch

Last night as two of the presenters were walking round the former airfield following a drone equipped with thermal imagery equipment looking for hares and leverets, they discovered what they believed to be part of a WWII era bomb casing.

Who knew RAF Windrush whose primary use was as a relief landing ground suffered 3 German bombing raids during the War?

It turns out Dynasafe BACTEC’s research team did.

These raids did not lead to the airfield being directly bombed, however a series of bombs landed reasonably locally to the airfield and other notable wartime incidents include a British pilot taking a German bomber down by ramming it in mid air with his plane.

Dynasafe BACTEC’s research team which creates UXO detailed risk assessment for the UK construction industry had recently undertaken a commercial project in the locality and had studied the site as part of the wider due diligence and risk assessment process for this commercial development.

The presenters thought they might have found part of a German bomb casing – without further investigation Dynasafe BACTEC’s team can’t be sure but we think it is more likely to British in origin and possibly a non-ordnance related item of scrap metal.

It is always worth considering the former military uses your site might have had and commissioning a UXO specialist such as Dynasafe BACTEC to undertake a UXO risk assessment. For more information on both preliminary and detailed UXO risk assessments for your construction project please visit or contact Philip Norville on 07718 638814.

The Dynasafe team will be keeping our eyes peeled for the next segments coming from Windrush to see if any more items turn up.

UXO detailed risk assessment

UXO Services

Dynasafe BACTEC offer the widest range of UXO Services to mitigate unexploded ordnance risk to the United Kingdom construction industry. Services meet the best practice approach described in CIRIA C681 – Unexploded ordnance for the construction industry.

If you are unsure whether your project may have a UXO risk visit BombRisk Dynasafe BACTEC’s award nominated instant online preliminary risk assessment service.

bomb risk

Dynasafe BACTEC’s UXO services cover all the recognised stages of a construction project including preliminary and detailed risk assessments to support the design stage of a project. Tender support, consulting, QA/QC services all support creating or evaluation of tenders to ensure specific project requirements can be met.

UXO services
Project stages

UXO site safety briefings ( UXO tool box talks), Site Specific Safety Instructions are valuable UXO services to train project personnel, raise UXO awareness and support safe working on sites where UXO risk may be present.

Non Intrusive, Intrusive surveys as well as EOD Engineers watching brief, Search and Clear, Target Investigation are all services that support site investigation works and the construction phase of works. Dynasafe BACTEC have more services to cover other stages of work such as pre-demolition surveys for former military or training properties, Explosive Vapour detection and many other capabilities and services.


Dynasafe BACTEC have been established over 26 years and have completed 6000 projects to date in over 50 countries globally. Whether your construction is in the UK or elsewhere in the world the Dynasafe Group can meet your UXO / BACTEC / ERW requirements. As well as land based projects Dynasafe BACTEC Marine Services offer a full suite of UXO services to support the offshore, near shore, lake and estuarine sectors as well as working within Ports and Harbours nationally and internationally.

For further information on any of the services described or to discuss any bespoke project requirements in confidence please contact Philip Norville 07718 638814 or call Dynasafe BACTEC on 01322 284550.

UXO services

WWII Ordnance – Still a risk?

”Is WWII Ordnance really a threat?’ is the question I get asked the most. Alternatively I often get told by many (unqualified) clients that I meet that ‘WWII ordnance is not a threat! It is over 70 years old, didn’t detonate and therefore is not a risk.’ Understand the risk – WWII ordnance is still very much a risk.

Small numbers of WWII ordnance (Airdropped Bombs) are located every year on UK construction projects or found by the public. Much greater numbers of ordnance items such as mortars, grenades, rounds are located each month – most often allied items that were ‘lost’ or deliberately dumped after the war and during subsequent training exercises post war.

Ordnance that did not detonate at intended historically very much remains a risk. In Germany last week 13 suspect items were located on a construction site and the German bomb disposal tams were sent to site. After further investigation a large number were ruled out as ordnance including 2 large items of scrap metal. 3 items were confirmed as British bombs from WWII and had to be made safe.

read more news_link_50x50

WWII bomb found by Dynasafe BACTEC.

The risk from these items was so significant the Bomb Disposal team instigated a major exclusion site around the construction site and evacuated over 50,000 people. What health & Safety or commercial impact would this type of find have to your construction project?

Dynasafe BACTEC are the UK’s leading UXO risk mitigation specialists and can provide desk based risk assessments in accordance with CIRIA C681 to understands the residual UXO associated with your project. Dynasafe BACTEC also provide proactive risk mitigation services to support your site activities including non-intrusive and intrusive UXO surveys, EOD Engineer watching briefs and search and clear operations.  Many more UXO risk mitigation services can be provided by Dynasafe BACTEC including UXO consultancy, QA/QC.

For more information please contact Philip Norville 01322 284550.

WWII Ordnance

Dynasafe’s Latest Static Detonator Chamber Inaugurated in Belgium

The 18th of April 2017, saw the inauguration of the Dynasafe Static Detonator Chamber (SDC) at Poelkapelle in Belgium by the Belgium Ministry of Defence (MOD), attended by military, dignitaries and the Dynasafe team.

This Dynasafe direct turn key installation with the Belgium MOD is now successfully operational and has benefited throughout the project from excellent collaboration from all parties involved.

Annually, in Belgium in excess of 200 tonnes of toxic munitions, a legacy of WWI, are found; this ongoing situation is a serious and dangerous problem, particularly to the farming community and construction industry.

The Dynasafe Static Detonator Chamber plant will destroy chemical munitions from WWI in accordance with all environmental regulations; meeting all the requirements of the Belgium law and the EU2000/76 emission directives.

This successful project reaffirms Dynasafe’s position as a leading global supplier of technology in both demilitarisation and systems for protection against explosions”

Dynasafe offers a range of solutions in response to the increased demand for safe and responsible munitions disposal technologies. Environmental concerns and safety for all personnel are a top priority for the company. Our solutions are designed to eliminate or purify any harmful substances or gases or liquids that are produced during the disposal processes. From a safe distance it is possible for the client to remotely monitor and control the operations.

For further information on Dynasafe’s tailor made demilitarisation solutions please visit Demil Systems news_link_50x50 or call +46 (0) 586 771 270.

Static Detonator Chamber

Dynasafe BACTEC now accredited against the Cyber Essentials Scheme

The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed by Government to protect organisations from the most common Internet threats and reduce vulnerability to cyber attacks. As an operator within the Defence Industry as well as more mainstream sectors such as the construction market Dynasafe BACTEC frequently handles sensitive client and project information sometimes classified materials requiring formal government security clearance. In addition some of the outsourcing Dynasafe BACTEC undertakes for government offices including the MoD now requires this certification throughout the supply chain.

Having gained the Cyber Essentials certification Dynasafe BACTEC can now demonstrate to clients, insurers and other parties that we are compliant with these essential protective measures. Dynasafe BACTEC accepts compliance with this scheme is not the end of our cyber security journey but it is a key milestone we are leased to have reached.

In addition the Cyber Essentials scheme is backed by the CBI and many professional bodies.

Cyber Essentials

UXO risk assessment tool in final of Construction News Awards

UXO risk assessment tool – has made it through to the final of the Construction News Specialist awards. BombRisk the UXO risk assessment tool is in the innovations category after a major review and upgrade of the web site and its relaunch in the spring of 2016. The interview with the judging panel is tomorrow so final preparations for the session are well underway. Wish me and the team luck!

BombRisk creates a downloadable pdf preliminary risk assessment in a matter of seconds after the project site has been selected on the online tool either by placing a pin in the digital mapping or drawing a polygon around the project location. The preliminary UXO risk assessment reports are fully in accordance with the recommendations within CIRIA C681 Unexploded ordnance a guide for the construction industry.

Other enhanced features are a secure client area where all reports are stored for the duration of BombRisk membership as well as other account related information.

Customer feedback since the launch of the enhanced BombRisk web page has been very positive with all customers surveyed responding that it is a progressive update and more user friendly. Customers particularly like the ability to create reports outside of working hours, the fact that the reports are typically created and downloaded with 60 seconds of entering the web page (as opposed to 24 or even 72 hours as offered by other UXO specialists who create these reports manually), finally customers enjoy the feeling of control of creating the polygon around the site or placing of the map as they see a visual representation that they can refine if required.

visit now to download a sample UXO risk assessment or to create a report for your current project.

Contact Philip Norville if you would like a one time use code to get a free UXO risk assessment for your next project.

uxo risk

World War 1 Commemorated with Towering Statue

World War 1 is being commemorated in a quite unusual way by one wealthy private individual. The unnamed individual has commissioned Dorset Forge and Fabrication in North Wootton, Dorset to create a towering sculpture of a World War I Soldier. The figure which is known as The Haunting has been purposely created to have a look of a ghost of a soldier and has a striking ghostly visage which I feel reflects both the horrors of war and the indivudual hell the typical British soldier would have encountered during the war. This effect has been stunningly captured in corroded scrap metal which also reflects the weathered look of the war weary British Tommy.

The sculpture which stands over 20′ tall is made from scrap metal and as well as the horse shoes, tools and car parts also includes quite appropriately an ammunition box on the soldiers belt. The sculpture took artist Martin Galbavy over 3 months to complete and includes some great details on such a large item including a metal coat of arms on his chest that resembles his possible regimental insignia and chains in his shoes to look like laces. The cap badge certainly looks like the Royal Engineers but may just be a generic nod rather than a knowing wink in that direction.
The Haunting is due to go on show during 2017 and thanks goes to Chris Hannam, owner of Dorset Forge and Fabrication for allowing us to use these pictures.
Dorset Forge and Fabrication

Dynasafe BACTEC are the UK’s leading unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation specialists and can provide services to evaluate, mange and mitigate your UXO risks at all stage of your projects. Our site services include a range of surveys and investigations to detect scrap metal and other materials on site and the capability to evaluate if these items are scrap metal or ordnance related to World War actions or other military activities.

World War

Marine Unexploded Ordnance risk in offshore construction

Dynasafe BACTEC attended the British Embassy in Brussels this week to provide input on Marine Unexploded Ordnance risk in offshore construction. Dynasafe BACTEC’s Marine division has extensive experience in marine construction including port and harbour works as well as numerous projects for the offshore renewables and energy sectors. Other work in the marine sectors include the provision of support to dredging companies both for operation of marine concessions as well as capital dredging projects.

Works undertaken to support this sector include predevelopment consultancy to advise on areas of potential uxo impact – including detailed risk assessments and desk studies for development sites and cable / pipeline routes, a range of marine surveys (utilising a suite of techniques) to identify potential items on the sea bed and within sediments, target investigation and clearance and removal both by personnel and by ROV capabilities. Dynasafe BACTEC has experience with working with all the key stakeholders at each different stage of the project development and construction.

The 2 day Belgo British offshore wind supply chain mission at the British Embassy was specifically to support the on-going and future offshore wind developments in the Belgian development zone. Other attendees for the event included a number of the project developers, a range of marine, construction and commercial consultants, principal contractors, specialist sub contractors and other key members of the supply chain including vessel owners and operators,  OEM’s and other strategically important equipment and component suppliers. Dynasafe BACTEC were the only marine unexploded ordnance contractor that attended the trade mission.

Dynasafe BACTEC would like to extend their thanks to HMA Alison Rose and her team, particularly Gert Wauters for the invite to the supply chain mission and also for being excellent hosts over the 2 days.

For further information on Dynasafe BACTEC Marine Unexploded Ordnance services visit Marine Services or contact Chas Reid ( – Dynasafe Marine Services Director.

Marine Unexploded Ordnance

Ordnance Risk Assessment Tool BombRisk Pro has been Shortlisted for Innovation Award

Ordnance Risk assessment tool BombRisk Pro has been shortlisted for the Business Innovation of the Year award in the Construction News Specialist Awards 2017.

BombRisk Pro is an online Unexploded Ordnance Risk Assessment tool suitable for creating preliminary risk assessments. BombRisk Pro meets the requirements of CIRIA C681Unexploded ordnance (UXO) A guide for the construction industry the UK’s leading guidance on unexploded ordnance risk mitigation for the construction and development industries.

BombRisk creates a UXO Preliminary risk assessment by analysing over 100 ordnance related databases in seconds which determines the potential UXO risk to the construction site or project. The accuracy and reliability of the data means that intervention of a UXO specialist is not required at this stage. However, should the recommendations of the report lead to a detailed risk assessment a UXO specialist must be employed.  Should a detailed risk assessment be commissioned then the cost of the preliminary risk assessments is credited against subsequent costs.

The BombRisk report is downloadable and can be added to the project Health and Safety documentation and instantly shared with all project stakeholders. The instant report creation allows quick and informed decisions to be made.

BombRisk Pro allows users to buy licences or packages of reports at significantly discounted rates and allows project teams to determine potential UXO risk online 24 hours a day. Furthermore all project risk assessments are stored confidentially in the clients section allowing stakeholders access from anywhere when required.

For further information on BombRisk please visit the website BombRisk directly or contact Philip Norville on 07718 638814. Dynasafe BACTEC have completed over 5000 projects to reduce ordnance risk to the construction, development and infrastructure sectors in the UK and over 50 countries worldwide.

Congratulations to all the other shortlisted companies and Dynasafe BACTEC Limited look forward to seeing you at the Grosvenor House in March 2017.

Ordnance Risk

UXO Guidance Webinar

UXO guidance webinar being presented by Dynasafe BACTEC in partnership with Groundsure.

The session being hosted at 1200 on November the 1oth will provide UXO guidance following the approach of CIRIA C681. The CIRIA UXO guidance is recognised as being the most authoritative work to support UXO risk to the UK construction industry.  The session starts by describing why uxo legacy still affects the construction and development industries in UK before covering the following areas;

  • Sources of potential UXO
  • What is ordnance
  • Recent finds
  • Methods of initiation
  • Legal responsibility
  • Construction industry guidance
  • Risk management
  • Case studies

The session which lasts for approximately 60 minutes and includes a number of case studies and photos finishes with an interactive question and answer session. For log on details for the webinar visit Dynasafe BACTEC Groundsure webinar.

In addition to this webinar Dynasafe BACTEC can deliver a range of CPD seminars covering UXO risk mitigation at different stages of the construction cycle or provide in-depth sessions on very specific techniques used to minimise UXO risk. Our presentations cover UXO guidance both on land and the marine environment.



UXO guidance